Load Break Switch SF6 Gas Insulated – license Dong Yang EEC Co. Ltd., Korea


Load Break Switch SF6 Gas Insulated was designed to achieve optimum performance, reliability, long life and economical benefits.

  • SF6 Insulation and interruption with puffer arc quenching
  • Stainless steel sealed enclosure for long life permanently
  • Simple and strong toggle mechanism
  • Puffer principle designed for minimum 200 load break and 5000 manual operation
  • Switch power supply for 24V DC motor operation to sustain operation in the event of loss of AC external power (AC220V)
  • Easy installation due to reduced dimension
  • Safety features with Low gas pressure interlocking device, over-pressure releasing device and safety locking device
  • High electrical ratings
  • No maintenance
  • Options available with the Remote Terminal unit (RTU)
  • Built-in current transformer measures current with ±3% accuracy at rated input current.