Fuse Cut Out – Type CI-201-A-G


The primary pupose of Fuse Cut Out is to provide protection to the lines of your system and various apparatus on those lines such as transformer, capacitor bans, etc. CITRA INTERLINDO cut outs provide reliable protection from low levels overloads that just melt the fuse link, through intermediate faults and high faults up through maximum interrupting capacity.



CITRA INTERLINDO cut outs have maximum design voltage ratings to simplify the confusing ratings of cut outs. Interruption test have been performed at full system line – to – line voltage, in each voltage class, there are continuous current ratings of 100 amps.




The onehalf inch inside diameter of the CITRA INTERLINDO cutout’s 100 ampere fusetube increases internal pressure giving superior and reliable expulsion action. During frequently encountered intermediate faultranges this diameter also permits higher TRV (transient recovery voltages) values to be tolerated. This small bore design eliminates  any concern related to high impedance phase-to-phase faults on ungrounded wye and delta system. The inside liner is constructed with are – quenching bone fiber. The tube is made of fiberglass which permits the smaller bore and provides a higher bursting strenght. It is protected from the weather and environment by a special fusetube operates with fuselinks from all major suppliers.

Crossarm Bracket

CITRA INTERLINDO cutouts packaged one per carton included barckets for crossarm mounting. Brackets are galvanized steel for long lasting service. Cutouts may be ordered without crossarm brackets.

Higher Interrupting Capacities

By using copper are shortening rod inside the top of the fuse tube, higher interrupting ratings are obratinable. An are shortening rod is attached to the cap of some fusetubes and lowers the fuse link within the fusetube. This permits are much shorter arc., Resulting in less arc are energy, less violence during interruption, and higher interrupting capacities. It is necessary to use fuse link with removable buttonheads when shortening rods are employed.


Tin-plated bronze parallel groove type terminals are standard on CITRA INTERLINDO cutouts.


Maximum Design Voltage (kV) Nominal System Voltage (kV) Continuous Current(Amp) Interrupting Current (Asym)(Amp) BIL (kV) Leakage Distance to Ground inch (mm) Weight kgs
27 Thru 24.9 100 10.000 125 20 (500) 11.6

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