Disconnecting Switch – Type CRD-2

Disconnecting Switch1The type CRD-2 distribution class, single pole, single throw disconnects provide a durable switch for line sectionalizing or isolating equiptment on distribution circuits. They are quality constructed to ensure stable high current capability and full thermal capacity under the required duties of todays load and short circuit conditions.

Current Ratings: High current carrying capacity of 630A continous and 40kA momentary.

Blade Design: Truss-type construction of formed copper bars has increased width at hinge for greater rigitidy, thus minimizing side deflection and maintaing positive aligment when clossing switch.

Formed Steel Chanel Base: Base and backstrap are rugged, hot-dipped galvanized steel and have a dead ending hole at each end.

Minimun Current Interchanges: Uniform conductivity is assured through utilization of hard drawn copper bar in forming one-piece stationary contacts and terminal pads. Design reduces current interchange points a minimum.


 Rated Continous Current  630 A
 Rated Maximum Voltage  24 kV
 Rated Frequency  50 Hz
 BIL  125 kV
 Power Frequency Whitstand Voltage  50 kV/1 minute
 Rated Short Time Current (one Sec)  16 kA
 Rated Short Circuit Making Capacity(peak)  40 kA
 Mechanical  Life Test  1000 times

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